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Telosa City

Billionaire and former Walmart president Marc Lore helped outline a plan for a $400 billion metropolis, tabbed "the new city in America," to be built in the desert if properly funded. 

Lore's mission statement for the city of Telosa is to "create a more equitable and sustainable future" that can "become a blueprint of future generations." That's backed by a 150,000-acre design proposal with eco-friendly architecture, sustainable energy production, and a drought-resistant water system.

A focal point of the city, set to house around 5 million, will be its transportation – with Telosa's streets prioritizing bikes and pedestrians, as well as slow-moving autonomous cars – over fossil fuel-dependent vehicles elsewhere. The official website for Telosa cites that 1 billion people will be affected by climate change in 2050. That figure falls in line with a United Nations climate change report in August dubbed a "code red for humanity," noting that Earth could reach 1.5°C by 2040. 


It's unclear what American desert is being targeted for the project. Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas and the Appalachian region are all options, per the city's official website

“We have a chance to prove a new model for society that offers people a higher quality of life and greater opportunity," Lore said in a statement. "When I look out 30 years from now, I imagine Equitism serving as a blueprint for other cities — and even the world — and Telosa being a place of pride for all who live there.”

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The city is the idea of Lore, an entrepreneur and former CEO of e-commerce at retailer Walmart, who sold his start-up website to the supermarket giant for $3.3 billion in 2016.

Lore's idea is to acquire a large plot of land that would be donated to a community endowment so that its increasing value could fund the city's development and improve the resident's welfare.

Telosa to be built on community-owned land

"There's a finite amount of land and that land was claimed generations ago – communities were created, tax dollars were used to invest in the land, and therefore the land increased in value over time with landowners not having to produce anything or take any risk," explains Lore on the Telosa website. 

Envisioned to grow to a population of five million over the next 40 years, the organisers are aiming to create a city for 50,000 people by 2030.

Aim is to be "the most sustainable city in the world"

Broadly based on the principles of urbanist Ebenezer Howard's Garden Cities in the UK, the city would have a density of around 33 people per acre – broadly equivalent to that of San Francisco.

According to Lore, building Telosa from scratch would allow it to become "the most sustainable city in the world". 

"Rising from the lush central park of Telosa, Equitism tower is a beacon for the City," explained the Telosa website.

"The inviting civic and lookout areas bring visitors and residents together. A photovoltaic roof, elevated water storage, and aeroponic farms enable the structure to share and distribute all it produces." 

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